Georganic Method

Holistic - training - lifestyle

The method

Georgina is a health expert and certified aromatherapist. 7 years ago, she created a unique holistic training system, which exclusively uses natural products and methods to attain health and fitness goals, the ‘GeorganicMethod’.

She provides a 360’ restructuring of one’s exercise regime, lifestyle, habits and mindset.


Personal training

Aromatherapy consultation

– self & home


Lifestyle management


Whether you are
  • a performer preparing for a role,
  • a businessperson requiring vitality, focus and creativity,
  • or a parent needing energy and harmony.

Why Georganic Method?


Georgina has in-depth knowledge of the human body and sport nutrition having gained master’s degree in Sport Sciences.


Offering you healthy and natural products only.


If you have no time to train in a gym or train with Georgina in person, try the online training with her.


By avoiding artificial methods, ingredients and processes, it provides healthy solutions.


After consultation you will have a personalised plan, tailored to your needs.


The method emphasizes environmentally friendly practice and products.

I have had personal trainers for many years, but Georgina was by far the best.
Susan from London