Georganic Method

Online - personal - training

The method

The method created with holistic approach gives you great results in a healthy way combining exercise, nutrition and other components of lifestyle. It is natural, balanced and conscious, keeping the Golden mean as principle in the centre. It teaches you how to move, eat and live healthy. Be prepared as meaning of health is not what you think. Get to know how to be healthy without protein supplements, without skipping fruits in your diet, with a normal diet.

Why Georganic Method?


Georgina has in-depth knowledge of the human body and sportnutrition having gained master degree in Sport Sciences.


Offering you healthy and natural products and recipes.


If you have no time to train in a gym or train with Georgina in person, this website is for you.


By avoiding artificial ingredients, it only provides healthy recipes.


After filling out an all-round questionnaire you will receive a personalised plan, tailored to your needs.


The method emphasizes the environmentally friendly practice and products.


If you are curious about your fitness level, fill out the GeorganicMethod form.
Do not miss it: Georgina will analyse your answers and then send you the results. Plus you’ll get a training video according to your fitness level – all for FREE.
It usually takes 10 minutes. You will receive the results in 10 working days.

I have had personal trainers for many years, but Georgina was by far the best.

Susan from London