Georganic Method

Holistic - training - lifestyle

The method

Georgina is a health expert and certified aromatherapist. 7 years ago, she created a unique holistic training system, which exclusively uses natural products and methods to attain health and fitness goals, the ‘GeorganicMethod’.

She provides a 360’ restructuring of one’s exercise regime, lifestyle, habits and mindset.


Personal training

Aromatherapy consultation

– self & home

Lifestyle management


Whether you are
  • a performer preparing for a role,
  • a businessperson requiring vitality, focus and creativity,
  • or a parent needing energy and harmony.

Why Georganic Method?


Georgina has in-depth knowledge of the human body and sport nutrition having gained master’s degree in Sport Sciences.


Offering you healthy and natural products only.


If you have no time to train in a gym or train with Georgina in person, try the online training with her.


By avoiding artificial methods, ingredients and processes, it provides healthy solutions.


After consultation you will have a personalised plan, tailored to your needs.


The method emphasizes environmentally friendly practice and products.

I got to know Gina as an extremely kind, courteous/polite and honest person, both as a student and as a colleague.
Accuracy, humane thinking and professionalism go hand in hand in her work.
I also felt very close to Gina beyond that we were able to find each other in many things, both as my coach/trainer and as someone who thinks in the same direction and shares same interest, but because I saw a little bit of my young self in her, someone who is not broken by any difficulties, who believes in her dreams and always has the energy to connect with others, even to help others.

She is characterized by precision, accuracy, generosity, deep faith and straightforwardness.
Honestly, I can only wish her nothing more than that her dream comes true, and that her knowledge and assistance reaches as many people as possible, because I think that through her work, others will be richer and our world will be richer as well.

Adrienne Feller
Founder and Head of AdrienneFeller and Panarom brands

– Gianni Annoni
Owner of Trattoria Pomo D’oro restaurant Budapest

I love working out with Gina because her training sessions are hard, yet we have so much fun during them. She knows exactly where my limits are, which we push together session after session. No one can give extra difficult tasks more kindly and smilingly than her!

Anna Fehérváry-Ménes
Journalist, lawyer

Given my size, it seemed at first an unorthodox idea to choose a female personal trainer. Gina is considerably more modest in size and muscular strength than I am, but she compensates for this with her work ethic that belies military trainers and her total lack of empathy when it comes to the physical pain during exercises. Thanks to her very positive attitude, my training sessions are always fun with Gina, even when I am at the limit of my physical capabilities.

Seriously, in my experience, very few personal trainers possess the same knowledge of anatomy as Gina, complemented by familiarity with alternative therapies (such as aromatherapy) and nutrition. For me, this is particularly important in our highly effective work together, as Gina is also active in helping you recover between workouts. I would definitely recommend Gina, either for those who simply need to bring some regularity and structure to their training, or for those who think of themselves as elite athletes!

David from Budapest