Georgina uses natural, healthy products and works with companies who follow similar principles.


Georgina drinks Györgytea’s herbal teas for health promotion. The Györgytea products, based on the instructions of Uncle Gyuri Szabó – the Bükk medicine man – are made with utmost care, not containing additives or preservatives and ingredients are exclusively Hungarian herbs growing wild. Here you find the right cup of tea for many problems.


Textil SzakacsNiki

I am in love with Niki’s beautiful products. For example, her eye-mask is made of 100% naturally dyed silk and filled with herbs and plants she collects. You will find naturally dyed eye-mask, hair ring and other textile products in her repertoire.
The SzakacsNiki brand is a brand of textile designer and craftsman Nikoletta Szakács. Niki works with silk and other natural raw materials, reviving the traditions of millennial plant textile dyeing, in order to create a sustainable textile art that works in the fullest possible harmony with the environment. Each piece is a work created by hand and immersion, with the unrepeatability of the colors of nature.


Heroes of Responsible Dining

It is a non-profit organisation in Hungary. The members of the team are there for you to find out more about eco-friendly gastronomy. Our mission is to support a sustainable and healthy diet. We, heroes know that the food people eat has more to offer than you think. The foundation thinks with eco-friendly solutions we can make everything greener and healthier. We believe that everyone can be a hero and by little steps we can change the world. Follow us and check the illustrative work about eating habits and lifestyle we live. You will be surprised how much you don’t know.
I help the team whenever I can and offer 1% of my tax to the organisation.


Georgina is BY FAR the best trainer I have had.
Hassan Alaghband, London