I got to know Gina as an extremely kind, courteous/polite and honest person, both as a student and as a colleague.
Accuracy, humane thinking and professionalism go hand in hand in her work.
I also felt very close to Gina beyond that we were able to find each other in many things, both as my coach/trainer and as someone who thinks in the same direction and shares same interest, but because I saw a little bit of my young self in her, someone who is not broken by any difficulties, who believes in her dreams and always has the energy to connect with others, even to help others.
She is characterized by precision, accuracy, generosity, deep faith and straightforwardness.
Honestly, I can only wish her nothing more than that her dream comes true, and that her knowledge and assistance reaches as many people as possible, because I think that through her work, others will be richer and our world will be richer as well.
Adrienne Feller

Founder and Head of AdrienneFeller and Panarom brands

Georgina is BY FAR the best trainer I have had. She pushed me to the limit with a smile on her face, had pre-planned all the exercises for the session, always had something new to work on so I never got bored during my sessions, never risked injury by asking me to do things that I could not, and was always encouraging with a great positive attitude. She also trained me for 3 months for a half marathon in London which I could finish in a very respectable time with plenty of energy left after the finish line to catch a 10-hour flight that night. I know I am speaking on behalf of all her clients in London when I say we declared a national day of mourning when we heard she was going back home. We hope she comes back one day!
Hassan Alaghband, London

I have worked out with Georgina at the Peak Health Club in London.

She is the perfect combination of tough and friendly. The results I have achieved are largely due to Georgina’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise program, challenging yet achievable goal setting and detailed nutrition advice. Because of her efforts, I become stronger, leaner, more flexible, I have greater core strength and most importantly, working out has become fun!

Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Georgina is one of the best.

Anil Prasad, London

Georgina is both an exceptional personal trainer and a wonderful person. Her sweet personality belies a steeliness, which demands that you give your very best, every session. She is without question the best trainer I have ever worked with. She pays great attention to detail ensuring correct form, for optimal results, while avoiding the risk of injury. She is quietly authoritative and brings out your most ambitious self, encouraging you to surpass yourself, meet your goals, form new ones, while keeping you always on your toes with an ever-changing combination of exercises and challenges. She takes her work seriously and delivers great results. As someone who loathes gym training and generally finds it mind numbingly dull, I have enjoyed and looked forward to my sessions with Georgina. Her pleasant way, effective training and creativity, turns a chore into a pleasure. Now I can no longer work with her in person, I look forward to continuing with her online! Why try someone else when you have found the best!
Amanda Deitsch, London

Gina welcomed me very professionally with a comprehensive questionnaire. Although I only signed up for training with her, we covered all areas of my lifestyle, since she starts training her clients only after getting a complete/full picture of them. She planned the workouts skillfully, and was able to find a solution to the limitations caused by my knee problem. She is patient, humane, has a high level of expertise and was able to flexibly manage the challenges arising from my busy schedule. Unfortunately, we were only able to train together for a short period of time, but it helped a lot with the condition of my knees.
Gianni Annoni

Owner of Trattoria Pomo D’oro restaurant Budapest

Given my size, it seemed at first an unorthodox idea to choose a female personal trainer. Gina is considerably more modest in size and muscular strength than I am, but she compensates for this with her work ethic that belies military trainers and her total lack of empathy when it comes to the physical pain during exercises. Thanks to her very positive attitude, my training sessions are always fun with Gina, even when I am at the limit of my physical capabilities.
Seriously, in my experience, very few personal trainers possess the same knowledge of anatomy as Gina, complemented by familiarity with alternative therapies (such as aromatherapy) and nutrition. For me, this is particularly important in our highly effective work together, as Gina is also active in helping you recover between workouts. I would definitely recommend Gina, either for those who simply need to bring some regularity and structure to their training, or for those who think of themselves as elite athletes!
David from Budapest

Challenging and dynamic are the key words to describe Georgina’s workouts. From day one she is invested in your development and is passionate to work with you to achieve your goals. She is attentive to ensure you carry out the exercises properly and with good technique whilst pushing you to your max to achieve results. She is incredibly supportive, a down to earth person and a great trainer!
Bibi from London

I have had personal trainers for many years, but Georgina was by far the best. Her technical knowledge is fantastic, she trains you hard so you get results, and she has lots of empathy.
I was fitter, had more muscle strength and lost weight. I was working really hard and travelling a lot so felt tired all the time, but a session with Georgina always got me back on track.
Susan from London

Georgina is a wonderful trainer and I was sorry to lose her when she moved away. She is dedicated and knowledgeable. When I started with her, I was recovering from a knee injury. She worked hard on building my leg strength and after a few months I went from lifting 1/2lb. to 10lbs. I still use the exercises she taught me. I highly recommend her.
Lee Carpenter, London

I love working out with Gina because her training sessions are hard, yet we have so much fun during them. She knows exactly where my limits are, which we push together session after session. No one can give extra difficult tasks more kindly and smilingly than her!
Anna Fehérváry-Ménes

Journalist, lawyer

As Georgina’s client I feel honored and it is incredibly touching to have her constant attention, which she gives to all her clients.
Every time she messages me I can hear her soft, always quiet, embracing and comforting voice. I think she is a remarkable, extraordinary woman with a great natural potential to help people. I can’t wait to train with her in person again!


I had the great pleasure of being trained by Georgina during her time in London, at Peak Health Club at Carlton Tower Hotel.
I have had personal trainers for the past 25 years and as a regular gym user, I have seen my share of trainers.
I decided to choose Georgina because she is extremely educated about the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
She knows how to train target areas and achieve results. She is extremely professional, firm but not unrealistic.
No two sessions are the same and as such, as a client I never got bored. Her training and repertoire of exercises exceeds a text book and or a two hour video!
As a result of her professional training, Georgina was well equipped in dealing and addressing my personal issues regarding wrists, feet and tendons.
I was sad to see Georgina leave London and I miss training with her greatly.
As a client one ought to feel lucky to have found Georgina. You are in great hands.
Happy exercising!
Farah from London

Georgie is without doubt the most motivating personal trainer – I always looked forward to my training sessions, & through her have found that exercise can be made even more enjoyable.
Each session being carefully planned with new challenges & a different edge to the one before, which for me is so key as it keeps me inspired at all times.
Georgie is always smiling, humorous & human, a trainer in a million.
Sir John Beckwith, London