How to prepare for Christmas – naturally

"Slow down" - you hear it enough: do not spend your time with insane Christmas shopping, rushing around and getting nervous. Of course, it is not that easy in the 21st century, but I now share some natural gift ideas so that you can feel better and make your loved...

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Toxic home or healthy household

Learn how to turn your possibly toxic house into a healthy home, this is one of the most responsible things you can do to yourself and your family: Georganic Method knows that health is not only the absence disease. You also have to be healthy at home, so if your home...

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Diet mistakes

I share 10 tips on what a healthy diet means: In general: 1. I do NOT recommend to consume any protein products - except if you are an athlete, or there is a clinical need for it or if you would like to gain more than naturally possible. 2. The best...

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  You might find interesting information about ethical partnership in my previous blog here. Have you ever wondered if that product or service promoted by your favourite athlete/actor/singer/star, is good for you? If XY celebrity tells a magazine that...

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Training mistakes

I share 15+1 tips on 'what not to do while training': Training: 1. Do not train as an athlete: if you are not a professional athlete, you do not have to train the way they do. Make sure you do not train with a similar intensity as athletes do or train 6-7 times a...

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XII. Herbal Days of Bükkszentkereszt

Healthy young people and youthful elderly people. How to stay youthful, healthy and attractive? - was the title of XII. Herbal Days of Bükkszentkereszt, which I would like to share my experience of, also the most important messages: A lot of lectures were heard by the...

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Food or chemical?

  Do you know what you eat? It is a part of the 21st century that we all want: to produce products as quickly as possible, to have everything available and so that they can get to us as soon as possible, in larger quantity and cheaper. Also to keep them fresh for...

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Sport – nutrition – sustainability

  Georgina: The world when we don't listen to our body - is a very scary place indeed. Do you know how sport, nutrition and sustainability are related to each other? - The answer is that you need to take care of your body and the environment together. If you are not...

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Ethical partnership

  Media has a huge influence on our thoughts. Whatever you see in newspapers, TV or online, you are more likely buying it. Have you ever wondered if those huge campaigns of partnerships are for real good or just trying to sell something? Not all of of them are...

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Reforming our habits is becoming more and more urgent as they have a great impact on our health and our environment. I would like you to understand the negative effects of our lifestyle. That does not mean you have to change everything right away. I will show you how...

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"Time is money" The keywords are awareness, regularity and tranquility. My first and most important theory what I would like you to consider: whatever you are going to do, you will either have to pay money or time. Do not forget that there are things you can not buy...

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Naturalness – and its power

In my first blog, let me introduce you my method and the reason I implemented it: By creating this program, my primary goal was to help people find a way to a natural and healthy lifestyle and to help guide through the information flowing out of our time. My main...

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