Aromatherapy consultation

I am an internationally accredited Certified Aromatherapist and Associate member of IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists). I obtained my certification at the Panarom Aromatherapist Institute by Adrienne Feller in Budapest, Hungary. 

Aromatherapy is a science-based practice, where we learn about the chemical compounds and properties of the different essential oils and aroma waters (hydrosols). Essential oils are plant extracts which are derived through distillation or CO2-extraction and will give you a full spectrum, all the active ingredients of the plant itself. The exact chemical map defines the properties and areas of application.

I incorporated my new beloved field into GeorganicMethod Lifestyle management packages, and now you are able to book this 1-to-1 aromatherapy consultation alone, which will give you the following information:

  • Application of essential oils
  • Benefits of using essential oils
  • How to shop and store essential oils
  • How to incorporate essential oils into your home and daily routine
  • Bespoke advice on which essential oil product to use or is best specifically for you
  • Full guidance on all essential oils you already have plus creating recipes for you – if so, please prepare everything you’ve got prior to the session so that we can discuss them all

I represent Panarom and ADRIENNE FELLER brands. I believe in Adrienne Feller, the person behind the brands, who is not only the founder of the them, but also the creator of all the products. Each of the essential oils have been chemotype tested, are 100% pure, 100% natural and authentic. My studies allowed me to guide you to the best products for your current or potential problems and issues, even if these brands are not available to you. I have carefully selected a list of brands and products in which, apart from Panarom, I trust and meet my standard, so that I can recommend them. My clients have had great results with Panarom products and have been very satisfied with my other branded plans as well, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

How does it work?

1st You can choose from 30’ or 60’ minute consultations

2nd Follow the link below, once your payment is settled you will be able to book an appointment:

30 min appointments

60 min appointments

3rd You will receive an email with details of our call

4th During our consultation we discuss your needs and desires, plus:

  • in case you are able to buy the brands I work with, I will suggest the specific products for you
  • in case you are NOT able to purchase the brands I work with, then I recommend products of other brands I trust and had research on
  • in case these mentioned products are not in your area and you can’t order them online either, I will do a research on what’s available in your area and offer alternatives.


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