Diet mistakes

Oct 3, 2018

I share 10 tips on what a healthy diet means:

In general:
1. I do NOT recommend to consume any protein products – except if you are an athlete, or there is a clinical need for it or if you would like to gain more than naturally possible.
2. The best products are the ones without any additives.
3. Superfood is not always better: we should always look for similar products first, which are local – these in most of the cases are better! An example by Hereos of Responsible Dining: instead of Goji berries look for rosehips in Hungary – it is not only locally produced but containing more Vitamin C than the Goji. Better for you, better for the environment.
4. Man made (artificially produced) fat free products will never be options in a healthy diet. In case of NO disease, you should never have 0% yoghurt or other products without fat.

1. Do not train on empty stomach: I know it is hard to manage a healthy diet and plan ahead, but you have to eat something 1-2 hours before training.
2. I do not recommend to have anything straight before the workout, you need to prepare your body for performing.
3. Do not have any food during training (except in serious situations). Your body is focused on to supply your muscles, not digesting!
4. Wait 30 minutes after training to eat again.

1. Depending on the training method/goal you should never skip drinking while training. Drink small portions.
2. Unnecessarily used medicine can not only cause side effects but are not good for the gut flora either. As long as you don’t have any disease or pathological condition, try to help it by using herbs. For example, in case of stomach disorders (either due to inadequate nutrition or stressful lifestyle or even side effects of medicines), I recommend Györgytea teas, such as lemongrass, white acacia, tutsan or the digestion aid goldenrod tea blend – all non-additive teas! Before consuming the teas, always ask a Györgytea sales assistant with the exact symptoms to make sure you have the right tea.

Hope this was helpful. If you would like to know more, sign up to my program. 🙂

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