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Mar 31, 2018


Media has a huge influence on our thoughts. Whatever you see in newspapers, TV or online, you are more likely buying it. Have you ever wondered if those huge campaigns of partnerships are for real good or just trying to sell something? Not all of of them are worthless of course. The world is also changing as influencers are starting to select who they are working with to be really what they believe in – otherwise they lose credit. Reliability is important, try to find those who you can trust.

Before internet made our life more online, people tend to tell each other if something was real good – and it had value. What is happening today? Companies are buying people to promote their products or services even if those are not good, healthy or ethical. At the moment, you can find reviews online about anything and decide what you will choose according to these, but you know they are not as relevant as friends’ and family’s recommendations.

At Georganic Method you can be sure you find companies offering quality products, are organic, natural and sustainable. These are all ethical partnerships, not about making money. It was me (Georgina) reaching out for the brands asking them to work together – I thought it could be something different. Different what our world tells us to follow. Be different and find companies in your country who are worth supporting.

I am committed to work with companies whose focus is on real healthy food and healthcare, sustainability and eco production. My partners all liked my idea and believed in my method. Let me tell you how I found them:

I passed by the Györgytea store in Budapest and had to stop: I was so impressed by the naturalness of the store. Entering the store I was surprised again by the fact that the sellers were knowledgeable, helpful and very kind. That’s why I chose Györgytea as a partner in natural therapies. Based on the formulas and knowledge of the Bükk medicine man, teas are free from all additives and are collected from Hungary only(!).

I used Manna products for many years when I decided to ask them. It was very sympathetic that they were voting against palm oil, chemicals and animal cruelty. Besides, they have handmade soaps, using handpicked raw materials and the products have a fantastic aroma. It’s a pleasure to use them, nurture and clean your skin with. The range is inexhaustible: from soap to shower gel, from facial cleansing to lip balm, from spa products to cleaning materials, you find everything you need.

Házikó is the first catering-bistro company in Hungary and is not of many in Europe, which uses organic and natural ingredients from the countryside, having concept of quality assurance and sustainability. I asked them to work together as Házikó is the one and only here, where you know where your meal is from, every piece of your meal. Each meal they make is additive free and so delicious.

After all, this is the task of an influencer, to pass on his/her experience in his/her medium and doing so be trustworthy. I feel responsible and therefore I have chosen ethical partnerships.

Tell friends if you found great and ethical companies. Share it with the world to make it sustainable. The choice is in your hands,




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Photo by Jean Lakosnyk on Unsplash

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