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As you already know, GeorganicMethod is not about training only.
The foundation of my method is to find a natural solution for all areas of life, so the concept of health for me is not only the existence of proper training or nutrition:
‘Health is not just the absence of disease, but total physical, mental and social well-being’ according to the WHO – a healthy lifestyle for me is not just a super workout or a delicious and additive-free breakfast, but a ‘chemical-free’, detoxified whole life without toxins: which can be physical, mental, social media, news, plastics, chemicals, artificial fragrances, sugar, additives, fears or worries … it matters what you surround yourself with. The fact what you wash your clothes with, what you treat your skin with, or what scent (artificial substances) you inhale affects you just as much as what you eat!
With my method, we not only nourish your body naturally, but also provide a natural environment for it.
Please pay attention to your health, because you will only be whole if you feed your whole being – and the word ‘nutrition’ means nurushing your body naturally!
Therefore, in addition to the training plan, try to read all the details of my complex method: