Naturalness – and its power

Nov 30, 2017

In my first blog, let me introduce my method and the reason I implemented it:

By creating this program, my primary goal was to help people find a way to a natural and healthy lifestyle, and to help or guide them through the information flowing out from internet and media. My main motivation was to teach my clients how to transform their lifestyle and that doing so, is not that difficult.

When designing my method, I built on the following principles: gradualism, golden mean and naturalism.
In training the most important for me is gradualness and rationality. I train according to my training level, always warm up before and stretch after training. I do not train with electrostimulation-based methods and do not do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes because it is trendy. I do not eat protein powder or other artificial supplements, but natural food. I avoid preserved and fast food. I do not use any chemicals in my household. I could easily replace them and I am happier with additive and chemical-free versions.

These principles of mine and my naturalism helped me creating my method.
My partners share similar principles.

Why is it good to be natural, live naturally?

In short term, you can achieve quick results, but you may also experience problems later on. Conversely, if you stick to naturalism, you will have the fruit of it.

It is not natural, for example, that we eat meat of antibiotic-treated animals and pounds of vegetables treated with dyes, that we use toxic substances in our household or on our skin (e.g. scented candles and air fresheners), that we often cover our beauty (e.g. makeup), that we use medicine for everything, that we do not cook at home, that we do not eat seasonal meals (e.g. tomato in winter), that everything has become easily available/accessible in the world (e.g. avocado), or that we replace the real things with artificial ones. These materials can influence everything from your hormone regulation to your skin. Follow my blog where I will post about these topics.

It is not natural that we want to eat and train like an athlete. An average person does not need to work out twice a day, do not have to do it on same intensity level and do not have to eat supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is not natural either, that we do not have enough time for ourselves, for our activities and for each other. Quality life requires time! Time cannot be shortened; no results can be achieved without work and no healthy progress can be made without gradualism. These are laws that nobody can change – and that is the way it is.
You are thinking that you can achieve any quality results without investing enough time and effort (e.g. short, 10-20 minutes workouts). Unfortunately, the 21st century offers us cheap, easy and short term solutions. From magazines and media, you can always hear how to get quick results, how to quickly make something, how to quickly lose weight and how to gain profit. The problem is that most of them bring instantaneous results and will not make us any happier. We must realize that these are not real or valuable processes. We need to find solution not to the accelerated world, but to change it slightly, to change our lifestyle, to return to normal and rational principles. You can say you do not have time, but you cannot change nature. Yes, we live in a fast-paced world where there is no time for anything but work. However, the only one who can make it not to be so, is you. If you keep saying that you do not have time, you need other solutions, you have to change something fast; then the time will be over and you miss the opportunity to develop the quality of life. You will only develop yourself doing so and you are going to sit back calmly, you dare to be real. Biology and the Earth cannot be changed. People need to rest; they must spend time on themselves; and the environment needs care and actions.
“Time is money.” What is the point of working day and night for a lot of money if you have to spend it to treat illness or you have time to enjoy life?! Sober rationality is worth more.

Why is it worth paying attention to these advices? Why is it good to be natural?
– because you will feel good.
– because you can be fit and healthy for a long time.
– because you can live in a nice environment.
– because you will not be sick at all or you will rarely be ill. If you are sick, you will be healed sooner.
– because your skin and hair will be healthier without paraffin and parabens.
– because your digestive system will be thankful for clean and nutritious food.
– because your hormone system will not be affected by chemicals and plastics.
– because you will not be strong on genetically engineered chicken bred on the conveyor belt and on supplements.
– and because there will be something that no one can take away from you: the feeling you have during and after workout; the feeling that you are healthy; the mind that you did everything. This cannot be bought for money. Consciousness will once be rewarding.
There is a value in your hand: yourself. You must value it and use your resources.

Return to real and natural things, your body and your environment will benefit from it. My method, the Georganic Method, provides you a solution. Solution to training, nutrition and other areas of lifestyle. You get advice which you can easily suit to your daily routines and keep it in the long run – all with minimal attention. With some effort, you can do miracles. You do not have to change everything immediately, if you are moving in little steps that will become routine in the long run.

Buy wood, ceramic, glass or metal tools. Buy from craftsmen, real deal. Buy more handmade products. Get more natural substances in your household. Buy glass container instead of plastic. Bring a bag to the store to spare your environment. Pay attention to have cotton in your clothes. Burn natural essential oils. Use kettle or stove instead of a microwave whenever you can. Last but not least, stop and relax a bit.
If you have a garden, cultivate it. If you have a neighbour who is farmer, buy it from them. If you are in a village/town you know someone producing without chemicals, buy their products. If you have time, cook and pick from small-scale or organic markets. If you do not have time, choose from restaurants using local, seasonal and bio ingredients:
1. If you subscribe to my program, you will get tips and recipes that will serve your healthy lifestyle in the long run.
2. If you do not have time to cook every day, you can have lunch in a place where only organic, domestic, small-scale farm produce is used. Did you think that does not exist? I have tried it! And I can tell you, you feel the taste of the countryside, the fresh and quality ingredients. Házikó‘s services are already available in Budapest, after accomplished their complex ideas: they buy raw materials from small and family farms with 100 percent pure raw materials, from which they prepare their meals without adding artificial additives. Farmbistro has been opened in two places where fresh and healthy soups, sandwiches-burgers, salads and desserts await you. They work with seasonal, fresh and traceable ingredients. For each product of the Házikó you know what it is made from and where it came from. Their work is environmentally friendly; whenever possible, they deliver with cargo bikes and their products are offered in environmentally friendly, degradable packaging.
3. If you do not have time to get quality raw materials, you can choose from local small-scale markets or ordering. More and more such markets are opening up in Budapest and there is access to small-scale home delivery system as well.

In case you are able to heal naturally, do not go straight to medicine. Use natural methods, use 100% essential oils, eat fruits and vegetables and consume herbal teas. I have not drunk tea before because I did not like the taste. However, I found Györgytea, where almost every tea is exclusively from Bükk. Both taste and quality are impeccable. Teas do not contain additives or preservatives – they are healthy and natural. Here you find the right cup of tea for every problem. Györgytea products are made by the instructions of Uncle Szabó György (Bükk grassman), with the utmost care. The packaging and the construction of their stores follow naturalness. In their store shops there are expert sellers who are advised to solve all your problems.

Think about your skin and hair. I no longer use any cosmetic beauty products. My skin is less dry, my facial skin does not grease so soon as it did before and I have natural shimmering hair since I use Manna products. In addition, they consume less than the average lotions. I recommend them because they are free of chemicals and palm oil, because they work with quality ingredients and which are naturally nourishing your skin. Manna’s range is varied, so you can find soaps, liquid soaps, shower gel, shampoos, toothpaste, butter, body lotions, oils, 100% essential oils, facial masks, lip balms, body scrubs, SPA products, deodorant, floral water and products for children. Manna is the first Hungarian cosmetic brand recognised as cruelty free by Cruelty Free International. Most of their products are also certified as natural cosmetics by COSMOS Natural which are free of parabens, genetically modified ingredients and petroleum products.

That’s just a handful of many. Change something every now and then, change your habit gradually so that you can shape a healthy lifestyle. If you already follow one of these principles, the Georganic Method can still show you new ideas. You get a complex program, combining all areas of lifestyle.

The Georganic Method helps you navigate through the information that surrounds us. Change is never easy, however with guidance and little time investment, you can easily take on the components of a balanced life. Follow my blog, facebook page or subscribe to my program.

Why is it good to be natural? Because your body, your soul and your environment will benefit from it.


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