Feb 28, 2018

Reforming our habits is becoming more and more urgent as they have a great impact on our health and our environment. I would like you to understand the negative effects of our lifestyle. That does not mean you have to change everything right away. I will show you how to easily change the bad stereotypes. I give you tips that you can put into your daily routine, save money and/or time, and last but not least, you will also be healthier.

Always change gradually and in small quantities – this applies to all areas of life.

First you should put everything in place in your life. Your expectations must be formulated realistically. This means that you do not set goals that are not for you. The Georganic Method does not say there is goal you can not achieve; because it believes that you can make any dream happen! However, it wants you to set yourself the goal where you are YOU. Dreams do not fail because man is not strong enough to make it happen, but because there is a false picture in people’s mind of the world and expectations. Media, big companies and people blinded by money show a picture to people that they formulate as an example to be followed. Every century has its own perspective, with its advantages and disadvantages, but in the 21st century there are no human values ​​in mind, but human beings treated as a robot. That is why people do not have a role to play in. The closest examples to me, the basis of Georganic Method:
– If you are not a professional athlete, you do not have to train the way they do. Make sure you do not train with a similar intensity as athletes do or train 6-7 times a week, even training double. Fitness challenges or performing a difficult element are really good, but do not overwhelm yourself. You can not mislead your body!
– If you are not a professional athlete, you do not have to eat like an athlete. An average, healthy person does not need extra protein. From preservatives, through artificial additives, everything can be found in nutritional supplements. Neither can you deceive your body with bad food. It is a common sense, think like that: unnatural nourishment can not be utilised by your body. Nourish from what Nature gives you.

Georganic Method is unique, unlike others, you will not only gain professional, accurate, realistic, not for money-and-reputation ideas in fitness; but also in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle – while looking for naturalness in everything. How can this be accomplished? Follow my blog or subscribe to my program.

Georganic Method has been persuaded to commit to companies whose purity is kept in mind. I do not work with companies that believe in other principles. At Georganic Method you can be sure that you meet with natural, organic, eco, sustainable, public good products, companies, principles, methods, ideas, initiatives.
Current ethical Georganic collaborations:
The founders of Házikó have come up with an idea that is unique in Hungary, but also in Europe. They want to link the countryside and local small farms with Budapest; supporting quality, sustainability and the environment. A quality assurance system has been developed, which points are to be met by all farmers who cooperate with them. Thus it is ensured that only clean, high quality, organic ingredients are made according to their requirements. They have completely reformed the food processing and catering culture in Hungary!
Györgytea is unique as domestic herbs are used to make their teas without additives or preservative. These herbs are processed and packaged with competence and diligence. The herbal tea mixes are made by Gyuri Szabó’s recipes. They are effective in preventing a number of diseases, or they can complement the academic remedy perfectly.
Do you know why Manna is special? Among other things because they decided not to use palm oil in their cosmetics! The cheap palm oil is not used in any Manna product because there are many planters who cut out rainforests, destroying habitats during oil palm cultivation. Manna is committed to protect the environment – and of course the Earth’s wildlife – by not using any artificial material. Manna also rejects animal testing and even certifies that none of their suppliers test animals.
This is a delight of my heart, since I have finally found brands that have rock-solid principles plus they are making amazing products!

I have already reformed my household, let’s do it with me, ethically with quality.



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