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May 1, 2018


Georgina: The world when we don’t listen to our body – is a very scary place indeed.

Do you know how sport, nutrition and sustainability are related to each other? – The answer is that you need to take care of your body and the environment together. If you are not careful with plastic, with chemicals, etc. how can you ask the planet to give something back to you and feed you? If you take care of nature it will have more to give – so that you can perform better without artificial.


First and most important view in this topic is how air conditioning and training is connected.
I, personally, don’t like overused air-conditioning because it will not only cool me down while training but it gives hard time to my immune system as well – which is unnecessary. What you need to know about sweat and cooling is that it shouldn’t be comfortable or feel perfect. We should resist a part of heat as it is a natural process of our body to cool down with sweating. Cooling yourself with man-made equipment is not natural at all. Not even good for your joints which are warmed up and should perform well. Not good for the muscles that need to be alert. Our body works best and feels best if it works as it’s coded in our genes, naturally. I’m not saying to train outside in 40 Celsius but you should overcome your feelings and suffer a bit to work your body to its best. You have to sacrifice something to be better, stronger and wise. You have to leave your comfort zone to achieve results, so training in room temperature and in comfortable positions is not what training meant to be.

Today, we are more likely to cool everything possible rather than resisting a bit of it. We try to make something (e.g. training) more comfortable, to make something easier, to eat quick and preserve things, or to make everything mobile and available, but then we can make mistakes. And here it is, the magic circle of doing harmful things and getting global warming. We all know that global warming did not happen all of a sudden, we play a huge role in it. Train according to your needs. Sweat. Do not want to eat or train as an athlete. Eat real food, not protein shakes. Eat local. Do not eat a lot of superfood. Cook as many times as you can and buy fresh. Use cooling systems wisely. Buy less plastic, use your own glass or metal container, or your bag. Avoid chemicals. Avoid fuel or use less. And you already did a lot to your health and the environment. Live sustainable.


What you eat will affect your health. So why not spend time with preparing food at home or making sure the ingredients of your meal are clear of chemicals and are local?! Try to find options for sustainable food, buy local and seasonal. The more quality food you eat the better you perform. If you would like to be able to perform more and use performance-enhancing materials you need to know that it would not be natural success. What do you think, where are those artificial things in supplements from? Choose real food and you will still be able to perform more than you thought.

The Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation in Hungary is a non-profit organisation. The members of the team (including me) are there for you to find out more about eco-friendly gastronomy. Our mission is to support a sustainable and healthy diet. The heroes know that the food we eat has more to offer than we think. With eco-friendly solutions we can make everything greener and healthier – the foundation’s opinion. We believe that everyone can be a hero and by little steps we can change the world. Follow us and check our illustrative work about eating habits and lifestyle we live. You will be surprised how much you don’t know.

The best if you know your food is clear and local so that it’s chemical-free and not GMO plus they didn’t have to spend lot of money and fuel to deliver it to you. Házikó is sustainable as their ingredients are from small, organic farms with products of quality and cleanliness. The origin of ingredients are labeled at Hazikó so that you can be sure you know where your meal is from. No additives, food colouring or artificial preservatives are used while processing the ingredients they get from their farmers. You find the food in biodegradable packaging and they deliver everything they can with cargo bikes. You will not only be sure you eat clear (which is hard to find!) but you will feel better as well, believe me.

In addition to your meals or before breakfast, drink Györgytea‘s herbal tea to help you with any problem you may have. At Györgytea sustainability is reflected in the fact that the teas are made exclusively from Hungarian herbs and are sold only in Hungary. Their aim is not to expand internationally but to distribute existing quality Hungarian herbs.

Sustainable skincare

Skincare is just as important as consuming high-quality foods. Being sustainable is also means not using chemicals on your skin. You can nourish your skin with natural ingredients, just like I do. Manna products are made from organic and high-quality raw materials, they produce their soaps in the spirit of sustainability, without any artificial additives, artificial scent or preservatives.

This is how sport, nutrition and sustainability are connected. Think about sustainable options as your health and the environment will benefit from it.

Be sustainable,



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Photo by Nithya Ramanujam on Unsplash

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