Training mistakes

Sep 20, 2018

I will share 15+1 tips today on what not to do while training:

1. Do not train as an athlete: if you are not a professional athlete, you do not have to train the way they do. Make sure you do not train with a similar intensity as athletes do or train 6-7 times a week, even training double. Fitness challenges or performing a difficult element are really good too, but do not overwhelm yourself. You cannot cheat your body!
2. Always wear proper shoes and clothes: not wearing the perfect shoes for the event can give you hard time on your skin and foot but also will worsen your technique, thus your performance.
3. Whenever can, train barefoot. In shoes we don’t really use our muscles in the feet. The best is to train and be without shoes whenever can and it will not only improve your balance, but will optimise your technique.
4. It is unfortunately forbidden to wear cosy, cotton sportswear for training longer or high intensity. Wear breathable, artificial materials.
5. Not drinking while training is a stupid thing. You need water as you sweat so drink while exercising but never big portions! If you train for more than 1-1,5 hour, have isotonic drink as well.

1. Always do warm-up at the beginning: never miss it as it is so important.
2. Your blood circulation starts to get to higher level, it prepares your joints and muscles for performing and will prevent injuries to occur. So missing it can increase the amount of injuries, can reduce your performance and the benefits of training.
3. It can be 5-10 mins or even 30 minutes long, depending on the training you will do. If you do high intensity, plyometric or sport-specific training, half an hour (30mins) warm up is a must!
4. Warm up has to be active, do not hold any position.

1. Always do stretching at the end: depending on what your goal is, it will either stretch the muscles back to same place the’ve been or improve flexibility of muscles and joints. After strength training you should never stretch to full range of motion.
2. Do it straight after training, not at home. It’s best if your body temperature is higher.
3. Be careful when doing Hot yoga or any class in hot studio. You can easily pull a muscle as the you don’t feel your maximum range of motion.
4. Before doing stretching-only (like 1 hour stretching session/class), you should always warm up for min. 10-20 minutes.

Injuries, muscle soreness:
1. If you pulled a muscle, you have inflamed body part  or you have heavy muscle pain, do not go to sauna, do not have massage and do not stretch it more. To reduce inflammation you have to rest first and use anti-inflammatory (natural) creams.
2. Do not heal your wounds, inflammation, cold or muscle soreness with medicine. Always try natural remedies first intel serious injury. I recommend Györgytea‘s teas and extracts, among which you can find anti/inflammatory teas and tea mix, extracts for sports injuries and muscle pain, as well as for colds and for upper respiratory infections. Not to mention handy tips that you can easily reach on their website.

+1: Do not think that training with weights is the best for you, that you can loose weight easier or that you can get leaner only with that! It is not true or proven by research. How you are affected by training depends on lot of things, e.g.: genes, height, weight, skills, current fitness level, training method, trainer, your lifestyle such as your working pattern, eating habits, and a lot more… The most important thing is to never start with weight training if you have NOT trained before or you restart it. First thing is to have good stamina, then endurance, then strength, and not the other way around! Georganic Method is about this, to get a balanced base you can build on.

Hope I could help you with these tips.

Healthy regards, Georgina


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Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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