Sep 20, 2018


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Have you ever wondered if that product or service promoted by your favourite athlete/actor/singer/star, is good for you?

If XY celebrity tells a magazine that eating fruits is healthy, you believe it. This fact is evident, but you might skip fruits because of a diet – which is unhealthy.
If that star says that eating supplements is healthy, everyone believes it. You will eat them without even thinking of the benefits and real need of those.
If anyone promotes benefits of 10 mins training sessions, then everyone wants to try it. You will believe in 10 minutes training methods as they show you perfect bodies.
In case of that celebrity using a (fully artificial) face cream which will rejuvenate her skin, every lady hearing it will definitely buy it, at least try it. You will try that, it might help, you give it a go!
You will also think that a new diet advertised on TV or recommended by a friend is super healthy, you think no-one ever knew it before and that it is the solution, it will help! Also, if there is a famous diet with own branded products, you will not even look at the ingredients as all of the celebrities are using it – even if there are artificial sweeteners, etc. in it.
If you watch a commercial about artificial detergent, you will buy it, because it looks so easy to use. It can not only be harmful for your skin but to the environment as well – although you use it as easy-to-use and makes your life easier.

What kind of world do we live in, where the most important thing when we judge people or buy something is that how many followers she/he/it has?! It is a strange world as today you could easily buy followers, could use apps liking, commenting and following people on your behalf so that they will follow you back. Also, you follow someone to follow you back and then you stop following them. OMG, world! People! It is not natural reach at all, if you do so.
How artificial this world has become?! I believe in the word of mouth! I never did and will never do or pay any app for getting more followers and likes. Be careful, it doesn’t always mean the product or service having big group of followers on Instagram/Facebook is the best.

So why are we led by those campaigns mentioned above? Because it is always easier to believe in short results; to eat on the go; to eat totally prepared food or compressed supplements; to think that making things easier will get our life easier; to train half an hour, not to even sweat; to invest NO time and energy because your life is already hard.
I tell you, it will never going to be easy! Don’t forget, easy things come and go easy!
So you have to use your knowledge, find ones who have good knowledge and refuse the ones who are not right. I know it is so hard! I know it is the 100th on your to do list. However no-one will feel better, move better, live healthier than you, if you try it. With no time or energy invested, you will never win in the long run!
The destruction of our planet and our biodiversity requires urgent action! It will not give you less if you start buying things smartly, eat less or healthy, use supplements wisely, train properly, or use things less and according to usage. We overuse, overeat and overdo things. Stop it and think wisely!

Believe in those who are for the environment and not for profit!

Follow leaders who work with ethical companies. The Georganic Method feels honored to work with Györgytea , that it can be one of its partners. They do not only look at the origin of teas, but you can buy teas which are free of all additives. They also have great knowledge of herbal folk medicine – shop assistants are well-trained and you can ask for advice at any time. Such a real ethical company!

If you are in Hungary, try restaurants which have Sustainable restaurant certification by Hereos of Responsible Dining . We, heroes make sure that all of the listed restaurants:
1. do not use palm-oil,
2. have at least 2 vegetarian options on their menu,
3. use min. 30% Hungarian ingredients,
4. have at least one product which is organic,
5. do not use polystyrol packaging,
6. use at least one detergent which is environmentally friendly,
7. and that they continuously care about reducing their environmental impact.
I think it’s worth trying them.


Follow ethical leaders,



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